Jeff Bailey Gallery is pleased to present Will Duty: Drawings.

Will Duty’s graphite drawings of abstract forms exist in a darkened realm with flashes of intense light. Shapes suggesting lightning, stars, flames, fireworks and water penetrate and open in dense graphite fields.

Each drawing features a floating rectangle of many layers of graphite with straight, but fuzzy edges.  These almost black fields serve as a window or platform for the interior imagery of the drawing.

Angular forms or oddly curling arabesques bind imagery to mysterious numeric references.  Tokens, manifestations or formations seem to arise from some metaphysical space or process, like messages or phenomena.  Shards of light, constellations and explosions twist, shift and fold.  The compositions appear simultaneously tiny and vast, as both natural occurrences and total fabrications.

Will Duty’s work was featured in 2003 at the gallery in Crippled Symmetry, a
two-person show with Ben Beaudoin; and in 2002, at The Drawing Center, in
Abstract Tendencies.  This is his first solo show.  He received a BS from the University of Chicago in 1992 and a BFA from The Cooper Union in 1999.

For further information or images, please contact Jeff Bailey at 212.989.0156 or