Jeff Bailey Gallery is pleased to present We Are Not Aimless, featuring the work of six artists who make abstract sculptures, drawings or paintings through systematic means.

Ben Beaudoin’s wall mounted sculpture of blue foam, resin and acrylic features a painted grid over a mineral-like organic form – imposing a structure over an indeterminate shape.

Sarah Brenneman’s watercolor and ink paintings combining fantasy architecture, flowing water and dislocated mountains or trees are linked through overlays of abstract patterning.

Cotter Luppi’s meticulously rendered colored pencil drawings are precise and flowing, angular and organic and filled with whiplash curves.  Saturated with incised color, they suggest compositions that are simultaneously opening and closing.

Christian Maychack’s mixed media sculpture lays on the gallery floor lurching forward, a geometric object with many facets, capped with red pins that appear to be spraying outward.

Amy Pleasant’s ink on paper drawings of tiny meandering faces and figures come together in fountain-like forms that seem to move in continuous loops.

Julian Pozzi’s intricate drawings in watercolor and ink form interlocking grids that suggest a larger, growing structure.

Ben Beaudoin’s work has been exhibited in group and two-person exhibitions in New York and California.  Sarah Brenneman, Amy Pleasant and Julian Pozzi have had solo exhibitions at the gallery.  Pozzi’s work was recently featured at White Columns in Semi-Lucid.  Cotter Luppi has had numerous solo and group exhibitions.  Christian Maychack has had solo and group exhibitions in California, where he lives.  This is his first time to exhibit in New York.