Jeff Bailey Gallery is pleased to present Jered Sprecher, Furniture of the Universe.

Sprecher’s paintings of faceted forms and crystalline structures are both linked and fragmented.  Large and small, intimate and vast, they are part of an expansive framework of disperse elements.

Sprecher views each painting as both image and object.  Like markers along a road, they serve as modes of communication, separate parts of a visual journey that reveal a fuller story over time.  Citing the writings of W. G. Sebald, Sprecher likens his choice of imagery to a process of hunting and gathering, or “intelligent wandering”.  Disparate imagery accumulates and the paintings form a dialogue with one another.

Global employs a faceted geometry, in the midst of definition, yet near a precipitous point of coming undone.  In Redux, the largest painting in the exhibition at 96 x 72 inches, a small detail of a cut diamond is amplified to the point of having little reference to the source material.  Color and shape seem to multiply, creating a large, window-like point of entry and departure.

This is Jered Sprecher’s first solo exhibition in New York.  He has had previous solo exhibitions at Wendy Cooper Gallery in Chicago, OSP Gallery in Boston, and ADA Gallery in Richmond.  Exhibition reviews have appeared in The Boston Globe and The Chicago Reader.  Sprecher’s solo exhibition, Truth in Tension, at The Art Gallery of Knoxville, is on view through March 24.  His work will be featured at the Drawing Center’s fall 2007 group exhibition, Non-Declarative. In summer 2007, Sprecher will participate in the Artist Residence Program at the Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin.  He lives and works in Knoxville, Tennessee.