Jeff Bailey Gallery is pleased to present It’s Hot Inside, a group exhibition focusing on strong color and lush surfaces. Domestic interiors, the figure, furniture and apparel/craft materials are depicted or combined in unusual ways. Participating artists are Evie Falci, Doron Langberg, Joshua Marsh, Jim Richard and Kevin Kunstadt + Shane Neufeld. Paintings, collage, assemblage and designed objects will be on view.

Jim Richard’s collages of interiors combine period décor from the 1960s, ‘70s and ‘80s. Paint pours invade each space, blending in as much as they intrude. The pours are cut outs from found abstract painting reproductions. Ultimately, they become their own distinct design element.

Joshua Marsh’s paintings are on burlap stretched over wood panel. What at first appear to be explorations of color relationships, light, shadow and texture, are depictions of simple domestic objects in states of transformation.

Doron Langberg’s paintings merge extravagantly colored interiors with the figure. Paint is poured, spilled, dripped and squeezed. Positive and negative space move back and forth. Texture and color evoke tactile sensations that relate back to the body.

Evie Falci's works are comprised of colored rhinestones affixed to stretched denim. Arranged in formats that call to mind modernist paintings, prayer rugs and textiles, the faux jewels are transformed from their original purpose to function as stylized marks in abstract patterns and arrangements.

With a nod to the interiors theme of the exhibition, Kevin Kunstadt + Shane Neufeld designed a custom love seat, in five heart shaped components. All white, with an undulating surface, it provides a visual respite to the color of the hanging works, and a comfortable spot to take it all in.

Jim Richard has had numerous solo exhibitions throughout the United States. His first solo exhibition with the gallery will be in November 2011. Joshua Marsh’s first solo exhibition with the gallery was in fall 2010. Evie Falci is a recent graduate of Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore. Doron Langberg will receive his MFA from Yale University in spring 2012. Kevin Kunstadt + Shane Neufeld collaborate on architecture, art and design projects.