Jeff Bailey Gallery is pleased to present Christian Maychack: All The Slow Forces. This is his first New York solo exhibition.

Using wood, foam and resin, Maychack creates anthropomorphic shapes that jut and drip from the wall, hug the floor and seemingly spring from their supports. Space is altered, confounded and an animated environment unfolds.

Maychack’s sculptures imply both a collapse and rebirth of structure: forms defy gravity and expand beyond their recognizable origins, taking accidental, evolutionary pathways. A Thinnest of Betweens is a large Rorschach-like shape that gently adheres to the wall like a membrane, a tangible link between a mental construct and physical space.

Maychack aims to generate a realm in which disbelief is suspended and viewers may form an empathetic, spontaneous and tactile relationship to the objects before them, allowing for new associations and perceptions to be made.

Christian Maychack is a participating artist in the 2006 California Biennial at the Orange County Museum of Art, Newport Beach, opening late September. Recent solo exhibitions have been held at the Sirius Art Center, Cobh, Ireland, 2005; Gregory Lind Gallery, San Francisco, 2004; Lucky Tackle, Oakland, 2004; New Langton Arts, San Francisco, 2003. Maychack’s sculptures were featured in Bay Area Now 4, a group exhibition at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, San Francisco, 2005. He received his MFA from San Francisco State University in 2002.