Oh, one of these mornings
The chain is gonna break
But up until the day
I'm gonna take all I can take

Jeff Bailey Gallery is pleased to present Chain Chain Chain, an exhibition that takes textiles as a point of departure for thinking about repetition and transformation. 

Central to the show is an early 20th century Thai ikat wedding sarong. The result of extreme patience and meticulous labor, textiles made by this method can take up to 18 months to finish. A resist dyeing technique, ikat patterns are made by tying hundreds of individual cords around each thread, and adjusting them after each application of color. Looking at one is as much to see a verb as an object, the cumulative product of a sustained pattern of activity. 

Artists, galleries, and communities work in much the same way. Art is a gradual process with instantaneous results. Many decisions, over days or decades, accumulate into a distinct item. Humility builds into exuberance. And the process is as ephemeral as it is gradual. At some point, the fabric is finished. The pattern goes on.

Featuring: Matthew Craven, Will Duty, Brenda Goodman, Elliott Green, E.E. Ikeler, Amy Pleasant, Alyse Ronayne, Cary Smith, Nichole van Beek, and Becca Van K

Curated by Maxwell Taylor-Milner, Assistant Director, Jeff Bailey Gallery

Chain of Fools lyrics © 1967 Warner/Chappell Music, Inc, Springtime Music Inc.
Songwriters: Aretha Franklin & Don Covay