Jeff Bailey Gallery is pleased to present ANYWHERE BUT HERE, a group exhibition exploring the depiction of landscape, featuring paintings and works on paper by ten artists based in New York.

The artists’ passion in depicting landscape is manifested through different approaches and techniques: works executed based on direct observation (Katz, Wilson and Wolf); from photographs (Benedict and Parks); from imagination or memory (Arbizo, Belcourt, Dollarhide, Dupuis and Jolicouer).  All of the artists have a deeply personal vision of landscape, rooted in Romanticism. Their stylistic and technical differences reflect the variety in nature - quiet and calm, ever changing and wild, sublime and picturesque.

Alex Katz’s oil painting is a lush expanse of sky, trees and field, caught in a moment
Jane Wilson’s watercolors of shoreline capture the crisp, bright light of a warm afternoon.
Eric Wolf’s bold and graphic black on white painting conjures mountains, water and rocks in quick swirls of line.

Kristopher Benedict’s oil painting of a park scene is activated with aggressively painted passages, almost overtaking the subject at hand.  Graham Park’s acrylic on panel painting in white of bulbous trees is rendered meticulously in simplified shapes and textures.

Augusto Arbizo’s painting of a radiant sun behind a scrim of trees invokes the cycle of nature’s daily renewal.  Louise Belcourt’s richly colored gouache articulates a surreal field and sky through subtle variations of blue and green.  Brady Dollarhide’s painting of a dense and mysterious landscape seems like the afterimage of a dream. David Dupuis’s colored pencil drawing of quirky forms and shapes intimate an otherworldly terrain. Ernest Jolicoeur’s painting on Formica and wood panel evokes the strata under the earth’s surface.

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