Jeff Bailey Gallery is pleased to present Joshua Marsh, As If, an exhibition of new paintings. 

Strong color and the play of light dominate Marsh’s paintings, slowly revealing simple objects.  Color functions as form, while objects and their surroundings border on dissolution.

Pitchers, tables, dustpans and brooms serve as subjects, but it is through their shapes, shadows and changing perspectives that Marsh pushes them into altogether different realms.  The curves of pitchers suggest bodies; the interplay of other objects evokes openings and closings, solids and voids. Distinctions between what is observed and imagined break down, and being and appearance are as if equals.

Marsh may begin his paintings by observing an object, creating an invented form, or exploring the relationship between three and four colors. There is an obsession with the painted surface and with the evolution of each image. Ultimately, resolutions between painterly impulses and perceptual logic determine the final outcomes.

This is Joshua Marsh’s second solo exhibition with the gallery.  His work has been included in group exhibitions at Susan Inglett Gallery, New York; Kate Werble Gallery, New York; Giampietro Gallery, New Haven; Geoffrey Young Gallery, Great Barrington and other venues.  Exhibitions reviews have appeared in Art in America, The Brooklyn Rail and other publications. Marsh received his MFA from Yale University in 1997. He lives and works in West Chester, Pennsylvania.

Project Space:  Johannes DeYoung

Ego Loser is part of a series of animated talking-head videos that utilize the language of self-help and positive affirmation, email spam, and other detrital language to express the boundaries between physical reality and psychic understanding. Humor and exaggerated forms expand into absurd narratives, confronting mortality and failure, as the talking-head professes esoteric advice and affirmations despite his unstable, amorphous physical condition.

Johannes DeYoung received his MFA from the Cranbrook Academy of Art in 2006. His work has been exhibited at Pallas Projects, Dublin, Ireland; in Brooklyn at The Parlour, Vaudeville Park and NutureArt; Grizzly Grizzly, Philadelphia; Real Art Ways, Hartford and Hell Gallery, Melbourne, Australia.  He currently has work on view at Interstate Projects in Brooklyn, part of a collaborative exhibition with Natalie Westbrook.  He lives and works in New Haven, Connecticut.