Jeff Bailey Gallery is pleased to present Evie Falci, Everything All Night, her first solo exhibition in New York. 

Falci refers to her works as paintings, even though they are made without paint: colored rhinestones and metal studs serve as pigments, while denim and pleather function as canvas. Elements usually associated with apparel or craft are combined into intensely colorful mandala-like forms or nearly black figure/totem-like compositions. 

Intricate patterns that reference traditional textiles and mosaics sustain a mood of magic, mystery and pleasure. Otherworldly and mythological realms are evoked through titles such as Ipos, Oriax (infernal spirits) and Clotho (one of the three fates in Greek mythology). 

Falci revels in the interplay of dark denim and pleather with thousands of rhinestones and studs, and their associations with the worlds of fashion, disco and dance, punk and heavy metal. By removing them from those contexts, Falci transforms the superficial into something powerful, and reminds us that sometimes, more is more. 

Evie Falci (born 1985, Brooklyn) is a 2007 graduate of Maryland Institute and College of Art, Baltimore. She participated in the Marie Walsh Sharpe Space Program in 2011 – 2012. Her work has been included in numerous exhibitions at various venues, including: Feature Inc., New York and Gallery Diet, Miami, and is part of Art in Embassies, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Falci lives and works in Brooklyn.