Jeff Bailey Gallery is pleased to present David Pappaceno, Hohle Fels, an exhibition of new sculpture.

As a painter, Pappaceno’s focus was on the female nude. Bodies were corpulent and almost sculptural in their mass.  A turning point came when he began painting from sculpture, and in particular the Venus of Willendorf, the stone fertility goddess dating from the Late Stone Age. Or, as Pappaceno refers to it, “Caveman pornography masquerading as contemporary art.”

Soon he was making his own sculptures from which to paint, ultimately abandoning easel painting to focus solely on sculptures. Made mostly of resin, plaster, wood and clay, they are finished with a variety of painting techniques.

The title of the exhibition, Hohle Fels, refers to a site in Germany where a figure like the Willendorf was found. Measuring only 4.4 inches in height, it seems to represent something much larger and imposing. Similarly, Pappaceno’s sculptures (ranging from eight to almost thirty inches in height) can evoke figures on a massive scale. Small heads sit atop bulbous bodies. Necks twist uncannily or are elongated. Flesh may be marbleized, high-gloss or pockmarked. Theatrically posed, they could be sci-fi creatures or relics from the distant future.

David Pappaceno has had five solo exhibitions, including two at English Kills, Brooklyn, NY. His work has been featured in numerous group exhibitions at venues including The Hole, New York and Kravets Wehby, New York. He received his MFA in 2002 from Boston University, MA. He lives and works in Brooklyn.

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