Jeff Bailey Gallery, in association with Geoffrey Young, is pleased to present the group exhibition Champagne & Baloney.

Champagne is analysis, sky-diving, mulish anxiety.  Baloney is

grind, suspicion, reason's stalker.  Champagne looks up, baloney down.

Champagne peers over the edge, baloney sticks underfoot.  Champagne makes nonsense

of itself, baloney wraps itself in toxic schemes.  Champagne straddles, baloney plots.

Champagne dents the hulls of floating cities, baloney calls the zeitgeist a wimp.  Champagne

sprays lap-dogs, baloney lauds foolish appetite.  Champagne draws time, baloney paints space.

Like stones at the beach, smoothed to perfection by the incessant grind of shorebreak,

artists are natural products of Art's slow, steady response to unalterable conditions. 

Whether palatable or clamoring, clotted or divine--or, like rare specimens "removed for further study"--works by these ten artists offer their naked selves to our likewise naked selves, for ravishing consideration and questionable enjoyment.

Therefore, welcome to these varieties of secular provender.  Welcome to ten artists whose skilz make mincemeat of our current plight.  Perception reigns in paradise.

Participating artists are Nichole Van Beek, Steven Lowery, Will Yackulic, Jim Richard, Steve DiBenedetto, Chie Fueki, Jim Gaylord, Melodie Provenzano, Mike Glier and Erik Schoonebeek.
For further information or images, please contact the gallery at 212.989.0156 or